everything is subject to amendment and interjection through a frame that acknowledges and requests existing versions to be mediated through the process of remembering


January 2024 - Studio 91 Media (Magpies, shredders and pelvic thrusts: video production for theatre): Blog

October 2023 - BBC Sounds (Sex, Drugs, and Lullabies): Podcast

June 2022 - Apple Podcasts (Political and legal changes in parenthood experience): Podcast

October 2021 - BBC Sounds (Sex, Drugs, and Lullabies): Podcast

May 2021 - Riverside Radio (Barclay's Brunch): Radio

December 2017 - Hull Daily Mail (The 13 Hull Legends): Newspaper

April 2017 - BBC (BBC Breakfast): Television

April 2017 - BBC Arts (Hull City of Culture): Television