to remember is to place oneself in the centre of a series of collisions, between the past and the present, between truth and fiction, between knowledge and imagination   

Lecturer | Workshop Facilitator | Provocateur 

With over thirteen years of teaching experience, Wayne Steven Jackson runs a series of workshops for colleges, sixth forms, and university level students to compliment his professional performance practice. His workshops are designed to perturb, intrigue, and excite, and specialise in strategies that perform the process of memory in order to destabilise and challenge the past. They can be delivered through a range of disciplines that include autobiographical performance, reworking existing texts, and multimediality. 

Wayne has delivered contemporary theatre workshops and projects across Europe, at higher education institutions in Denmark, England, Norway, Romania, and Spain.

He is available for half day or full day sessions, as well as weekend and week-long residences both nationally and internationally.