Current Work

performing the process of remembering facilitates the constitution of memories that would otherwise remain unconstructed


From Me to Us

The law changes all the time. A continuous catalogue of amendments, acts, and appeals, and just one more signature on yet another piece of paper. But, in 2019 something shifted. From one small piece of legislation an impossible story grew. And for the first time, I could begin to imagine. Who you were, and who I could become.

A playful and poignant performance 'letter' to a future child from their future father.

In 2019, the law in the UK changed to allow for single father surrogacy. From Me to Us is an important project that provides the space for discussions about parenthood, whilst documenting the political change against a backdrop of autobiographical experiences.

Supported by Arts Council England.
Made in collaboration with Hull Truck Theatre, Contact, hÅb, and Brilliant Beginnings.


The Lines Between

A metamodern novel.

After losing his sight in a freak accident, on a random Wednesday morning, John Grantham’s world shifts out of kilter. Unbalanced. Unfamiliar. Unordered. But with his vision empty, he is able to see more than he ever thought possible. The detail within the seams. The connections between the words. The stories that lay beyond his daughter, his wife, his parents, his neighbours, friends and strangers, unfolding in isolation and weaving together. And whilst trying to make sense of them all, to hold on, to stop himself from falling, John finds himself amidst a series of collisions. As the past splinters the present, as fact breaks fiction, as life shatters death.

But there will always be more than one narrative, and there will always be more than one way to read each one. And so the only person who is important in all of this, the only person who can really understand what story is being told here, is you.