And Here I Find Myself

Solo Performance

Hide. Climb. Remember. Marry. Parent. Speak. Thrust. Jump.
Jump regularly.
Jump like everyone else jumps.
Come on, Wayne. You’re disappointing everyone.
And you’re letting yourself down.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to become a father, a single gay man, on the brink of turning 40, questions how he found himself here, whose rules he has been following, and what could possibly happen if he just stopped playing by the rules of the game.

Following the national tour of From Me To Us, Wayne Steven Jackson’s new solo show combines digital media, original music, and live performance to explore parenthood, life goals, disappointment, and the sticky veil of heteronormative expectation.

Supported by Arts Council England, The Lowry, and hÅb.

Filmography by Studio 91 Media, score by Jack Fleming, original music by Katherine Myles, digital dramaturgy by idontloveyouanymore, movement consultancy by Simon Jones, make-up by Elise Gilbert.

And Here I Find Myself previewed at The Lowry on 9th September 2022, before the UK  tour in 2023 (UCEN ManchesterNonsuch Studios, Nottingham, Harrogate Theatre, Hull Truck).

‘it’s a show that holds your hand as it takes you to the metaphorical funfair, then leaves you on your own to figure out what ride you want to go on. Whichever one you choose; you might just find it leads you to exactly where you’re meant to be’
**** (Manchester Theatres

‘boldly exposing, compelling, wonderfully written [...] a beautiful insight into personal experience’ 
**** (West End Best Friend)

‘incredibly theatrical, dripping with obvious metaphors that still feel authentic and relatable to the audience no matter their own personal circumstance’
**** (North West End)

Jackson ‘has an uncanny ability to appear utterly in the moment which is perhaps how he forges and crafts nuggets of memory into such vivid capsules’
(Live Art Alive)

‘I’m grateful to the artist for generously channelling his life into his art and for validating my own reflections and thoughts’
(Honorary Manc)

‘I had no idea that I would leave the theatre strangely feeling seen, understood, mainstreamed, and actually validated’
(Harpreet Kaur)