From Me To Us (Audio Adaptation)

Solo Performance

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that I realised I wanted to have children. I think, maybe, I’d just always put it to the back of my mind. Because I was single. Because I was gay. I mean, they are two fairly big barriers to traditional conception. I just don’t think I ever really gave it that much thought. Perhaps I just presumed that I wouldn’t, couldn’t even. Must keep in line. Must play normal. Must follow the rules…

A playful and poignant performance letter to a future child from their future father.

From Me to Us is an important project that provides the space for discussions about parenthood, in all its many guises, whilst documenting political change against the backdrop of autobiographical experience.

Music by Chris Benstead, produced by Rachel Austin, with thanks to Matilda Jean Arthur, Albert Gene Ransom, Oliver Gene Ransom, Lorraine Jackson, and Steven Jackson.