(and two)

Solo Performance

After the opening credits fade, you will see two strangers walking towards each other, oblivious to their imminent collision. And as they walk, you will fall in love with them, will them to see each other, to have their happy ending. But this time will be different. This time you won’t play by the rules. And this time, this time this story will be about you.

This is a non-love non-film live performance that uses filmic devices to put into slow motion the moment two strangers collide. There will be trailers, there will be advertisements, and there will be warnings about switching off mobile phones. It explores the boundaries of fusing the mediated with the live and of telling a story that should have happened, but never did. This is not a film. This is not a love story. But perhaps it should have been both.

(and two) premiered at Emergency and was a Works Ahead commission at Contact in 2013.

Cast: Joel Beavon | Jake Bowen | Duncan Burt | Rebecca Coffey | Matt Dillon | Janine Hipkins | Olivia Hunt | Hannah Jobson | Sacha Laverty | Alice Mayhead | Grant Miller | Jonathan Okeefe | Jessica Owen | Natasha Parker | Perry Ralls | Helen Webster