0.079 per Hour

Escape Theatre

Please note that rule breakers will not be tolerated. Running, smoking, laughing, standing on chairs, spitting, sleeping, whistling, diving, swearing, speeding, and nose-picking are strictly prohibited.

Whilst building a paper-cup city, Escape Theatre are learning and understanding about the deaths of over a hundred people. Searching through endless paper cuttings, reports, and documents, they feel as though they are reading the same story over again: the story of death in the workplace. They want to find a way to tell this story. To remember those who are missing.

Nought Point Nought Seven Nine per Hour first premiered at greenroom and was a Method Lab commissioned performance in 2006. It toured as part of Workers Memorial Day, supported by Hazard Awareness Magazine and Arts Council England. An outdoor, live art, reimagining of the work featured at Manchester’s Hazard in 2007.

‘a surreal, confusing, and painfully poignant exploration of the humdrum bureaucracy of work against the fragility of human life’
(Student Direct)