From the Screen to the Streets

Published Chapter

This chapter in a volume of Digital Media and Learning embraces individual place attachment and autobiographical remembering in order to analyse the experience of creating, curating, and performing Now|Then in 2017. It offers an account of the project’s transition from the computer screen to the city streets and its attempt to remember place through a phenomenological framework that favoured its three hundred and sixty one participants’ individual reconstructions over those established through promoted grand narratives. As the improvements and additions made to Hull’s locale as part of the City of Culture preparations do not alone define the city, the focus here is on the more experiential and conceptual understandings of place. Ultimately, this chapter explores how the digital and the performed interpretations of the city, that were exposed through Now|Then, supported and evoked individual attachments, in isolation to hegemonic intervention, and contributed to the renegotiation of the city’s sense of place.